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Our Team

Our natural ingredients team is located in the Grasse region of France. Our team of scientists captures the essence of nature by designing new natural ingredients from around the world, bringing innovation to our perfumers’ palette. With our own farms in South America, high-tech research labs in Grasse and production facilities in France, Peru and Colombia, we secure a sustainable and efficient production of these ingredients.



Cosmo Fragrances offers sustainable and innovative natural ingredients that are socially and ecologically responsible. We select reliable partners, source raw materials directly from local producers and sustain local communities’ livelihood through long-term contracts, stable pricing and logistics support. We provide 100% unique ingredients and have designed green extraction processes that are eco-friendly, such as, our exclusive Craftivity®

By owning acres of farms in several countries, we not only grow our own crops but can control and respect the living habitat to ensure an optimal quality and production process.


Ethical Supply Chain

In 2016, the Natural Ingredients Division joined the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), a non-profit association that promotes sourcing with respect.  Our long-term vision is to ensure traceability and transparency for all our naturals.

Hand in hand with our local partners, we continue to look for margins of progress and opportunities to have a positive impact on biodiversity and local communities.

Myrtle Inca Essence

Revered by the Incas for centuries, COSMO introduces Myrtle Inca Essence, an ethically sourced perfume ingredient harvested from the remote valleys of Peru. Through an exclusive partnership with local Quechua women, COSMO works hand in hand with farmers to develop this aromatic essential oil while improving the livelihoods of Quechua families and their surrounding communities.

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Natural Ingredients

We offer a diverse range of natural ingredients across all olfactive families. Discover a few of our natural ingredients that complement our perfumer’s palette.


Cacao Blanc Craftivity®
Lime Peru MD
Timur Nepal CO2

Cacao Blanc Craftivity®

A unique cacao native to northern Peru, known for its rarity and delicate properties. Our partner preserves and produces Porcelana cacao beans with organic and Fairtrade certifications. Cosmo Fragrances collaborated with a renowned Maître Chocolatier in Lyon for the roasting of the beans to create the finest Cacao Blanc Craftivity®.

Olfactive Facets: Cacao Blanc offers a high-quality dark chocolate note to our perfumers. Addictive and rich with the right balance of bitterness and sugary effects. This decadent extract reveals its complexity through coffee, hazelnut, dry fruits, tobacco leaf, honey and milky undertones. It brings roundness and gourmand effects to oriental/vanilla accords and an interesting twist to woody, leathery and tobacco notes.


Craftivity® is an original and exclusive Cosmo Fragrances process where new natural ingredients are extracted from the finest raw materials.  We have modified the traditional method of extracting an absolute.

By using only bio-sourced and biodegradable solvents and perfecting the technique of selective extraction, we can preserve the top notes and the original smell of the living plant.  With this new process, we create 100% natural ingredients with unique olfactive profiles.

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Lime Peru MD

Known for its unique freshness, our exclusive Lime extract is cultivated in the northern coast of Peru. Limon Sutil or Subtle Lime is one of the best and oldest Lime varieties in South America, making it a highly prized ingredient.

This fresh, long- lasting extract is obtained through molecular distillation, resulting in a colorless ingredient.

Olfactive Facets: Lime Peru MD adds a sparkling citrus freshness with salty margarita aspects. In addition to its citrus facets, it adds a gourmand character to the fragrance when paired with other fruity notes.


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Timur Nepal CO2


Timur, a berry with unexpected olfactive treasures, was first introduced in the West as Timur Pepper, a rare spice.

In a remote mountain village, ripe Timur berries are harvested from its prickly shrub by a tribe of Nepalese women. We formed an ethical and sustainable partnership with them by helping their communities prosper through education and employment.

Olfactive Facets: Timur Nepal CO2 gives finished fragrances a unique olfactive signature.  With distinct facets of exotic passionfruit and its spicy character, it provides a lift to citrus notes like grapefruit.  This ingredient blends well with leathery notes for a modern twist on spicy fragrances.


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