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  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Responsibility 
  • Humanitarian Initiatives


Our dedicated Sunrise Project team strives to make a difference one step at a time to reduce our carbon footprint, from recycling to building energy-efficient facilities. One of our principles is to partner only with vendors who share our same values on planet conservation.

“We take an active stand in reducing our environmental impact through simple acts that can make a real difference in the future.”

– Anne Laure André, Project Leader


Corporate Responsibility 

We recognize the importance of education and ongoing training, which is why Cosmo Fragrances collaborates with top universities in New York, Paris, Barcelona and Lima.

We consider our employees to be our greatest assets, and by offering various educational programs, we help them reach their highest potential.



Humanitarian Initiatives

We believe that our corporate responsibility is to give back to our communities and provide educational platforms to better the lives of others. One of our projects is our partnership with medical experts, where we study the additional benefits of fragrance to explore advancements in olfactive therapy.

Another one of our humanitarian efforts is to work responsibly with a network of farmers who produce and cultivate our raw materials. We share our knowledge, provide employment and ensure safe working conditions for all partners.

Discover more about our human touch and our passion