Myrtle Inca Essence

Myrtle Inca Essence
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Majestic and isolated, the mountainous landscape of Andean Peru is a world in the clouds. These sacred mountains were home to ancient civilizations and pre-Inca cultures. Here surrounded by the rich biodiversity of Andean valleys, we find the Inca Myrtle,
known locally as Arrayán.


Cosmo created an exclusive partnership with the passionate Quechua women who live in a remote area south of Cusco. Thousands of Arrayán seedlings were given to the community, a drying shed was financed by Cosmo and joint efforts were made to adopt
the best growing and drying practices.

“Cosmo International Fragrances presents Myrtle Inca Essence an extraordinary, ethically sourced,
sustainable perfumery ingredient.”

Yannick Maestro, Director Ingredients Division

The Myrtle Inca Essence Movie

The Inca considered Myrtle Inca a pathway to both physical and spiritual beauty with many medicinal properties. In 2014 Myrtle Inca’s extraordinary olfactive traits caught the attention of Cosmo’s natural ingredients scientists and perfumers. To decrease the carbon foot print the last steps of the process is the hydro-distillation done in Lima, Peru.

Olfactive Notes

Cosmo’s Myrtle Inca Essence is surprisingly multifaceted, encompassing aromatic resinous notes, the freshness of eucalyptus, leafy woods and even apricot’s soft fruitiness. This versatility allows Myrtle Inca Essence to express depth and complexity as it can partner beautifully with
a wide range of accords.

“There is something special about the floral, green, and slightly woody notes in Myrtle Inca Essence that lends depth and complexity to my fragrance creations, it integrates beautifully with the
other accords in the formula.”

Greg Husar, Perfumer