With ScentElligenceTM, Cosmo International Fragrances turns to Artificial Intelligence for better application performance.

Cosmo International Fragrances has turned to Artificial Intelligence for the first time by introducing ScentElligenceTM, an AI platform that helps transform perfume formulations.

Since 2018, their Technology division has been committed to developing machines that augment the creation process by reflecting their vision of digital transformation. Marc Blaison, President at Cosmo International Fragrances, explains: “Our innovative digital tool puts consumers at the center, empowers and optimizes perfumers’ creativity, and fosters fragrance performance easily and efficiently to achieve better results. With ScentElligenceTM, we push the boundaries of perfume formulation by combining science with the art of creation and the data engineering intelligence with the creative intelligence of our perfumers.”

With a deep-learning algorithm, ScentElligenceTM AI-powered platform analyzes data and delivers fragrant possibilities by combining sensoriality with performance. “With more than 3,000 analyzed raw materials through their molecules’ physicochemical properties, we can predict the performance of a perfume. The perfumer keeps the process of creation, yet ScentElligenceTM outputs AI-generated advice so that the perfumer is able to refine the creation to obtain an advanced formula that performs effectively”, mentions Thomas Delmas, Director of the Technology division at Cosmo Fragrances International.

“With structured data and Artificial Intelligence, we are able to augment our perfumers’ abilities to curate formulas and help guide them through their scent creation process. ScentElligenceTM facilitates the integration of technical constraints for higher application performances and optimizes the development process time”, Thomas Delmas added.

The company is already working on the next ScentElligenceTM version to further integrate the sensory performance of their existing fragrant patented innovative solutions.

About Cosmo International Fragrances:

Cosmo International Fragrances is a privately owned multinational company that has been operating for over 40 years in the fragrance industry. The company works with well-established independent brands worldwide and manufactures fragrance oils for fine fragrances, beauty and personal care, detergents, cleaning products, and home fragrances. Cosmo International Fragrances successfully ensures fragrance creation, consumer needs, and emerging innovations with production plants, creative centers, and R&I sites in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.