Cosmo International Fragrances joins the United Nations Global Compact for a Better Future.

In February, the company signed the UN Global Compact. By joining the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, Cosmo International Fragrances declares its public commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Ten Principles covering four areas of human rights, labor standards, environment, and anti-corruption.

“To shape a better sustainable future, we continuously evolve and innovate to deliver a positive impact for people and the planet. We are proud to support the work done around the world by the UN Global Compact to improve lives and advance economic and social conditions as it is part of our DNA reflecting our three core values: People, Parfum, Purpose. Signing the UNGC is a natural step corporate for us as its principles are key pillars of our inclusive business model”, explains Marc Blaison, President at Cosmo International Fragrances.

The company’s ESG strategy is established with respect for human and labor rights, worker well-being, and empowerment in the workplace. Alexandra Vargas, Sustainability Agent at Cosmo International Fragrances, mentions: “The Ten Principles have long been a part of our corporate strategy and day-to-day operations. We are proud to join the UNGC community and formalize our commitment to conducting responsible business for a more sustainable world.”

For over 40 years, Cosmo International Fragrances has been committed to creating sustainable natural ingredients.

“We consciously source natural ingredients across the globe, and we positively impact the lives of small farmers and local communities worldwide while limiting the environmental impact. We are certain that our actions benefit and strengthen the world around us, and we will continue to conduct business responsibly”, explains Marc Blaison.

Guided by their aspiration and passion for creating fragrances, the company leads their continuous work for a more sustainable future aligned with the sustainable development goals and principles of the UN and the international community.