Cosmo International Fragrances introduces ScentBloom® Duo, an avant-garde, efficient, safe, and eco-friendly technology for Reed Diffusers.

Cosmo International Fragrances presents its latest and innovative patent-pending solution, ScentBloom® Duo, a green, ready-to-use solution that combines bio-based and 100% biodegradable sticks with a 100% biodegradable liquid blend.

Air care products play a crucial role in enhancing indoor environments, eliminating odors, and creating a pleasant atmosphere. “In today’s air care market, consumers are increasingly seeking transparency, favoring products with natural, safer ingredients with shorter composition lists. There is a growing demand for products that have a reduced environmental impact and are free from potentially harmful chemicals. For air care users, safety and eco-friendly products combined with long-lasting performances are paramount”, mentions Thomas Delmas, Director of the Technology Division at Cosmo International Fragrances.

To meet consumers’ needs for safer reed diffuser products, the plant-based and 100% biodegradable advanced sticks boost product performance, increase long-lastingness and offer stable-colored products while reaching the same fragrance intensity as ethanol-based products.

Fiona Guas, Technology Marketing Manager at Cosmo International Fragrances, explains: “Our already existing ScentBloom® biodegradable liquid blend technology, formulated to reduce or even eliminate pictograms, meets stringent safety standards while maintaining efficacy. By mixing our ScentBloom® expertise with our innovative sticks, we obtained ScentBloom® Duo, an exclusive and full-green solution for reed diffusers. In addition, our technology fits all markets and complies with strict regulations, particularly Prop 65 in the United States.”

This complete green diffusion technology ensures a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious consumers. “We always push the boundaries to offer innovative solutions that meet an environmental responsibility for a cleaner and safer future. ScentBloom® Duo embodies the essence of eco-friendliness and sustainability, embracing nature and prioritizing people’s well-being,” mentions Marc Blaison, President of the company.