At the 2022 Beautyworld Middle East Cosmo International Fragrances pays tribute to the fascinating world of Celestial objects.

From October 31 to November 2 in Dubai, at the largest international trade fair for beauty products and fragrances in the Middle East, Cosmo International Fragrances honors the Arabian culture and the nomadic tribes who were the real masters in studying the moon and stars. Witnesses to the beginning of the universe and our past civilizations, these magnificent shining bodies captivate us with sky-high mysticism beyond our reach.

Last year’s edition of Beautyworld Middle East was especially inspiring since it was the region’s first in-person international beauty trade show after the pandemic, with over 31,400 visitors from more than 100 countries who observed the future of beauty. “Continuing to attend Beautyworld Middle East will help Cosmo International Fragrances to drive growth, both regionally and globally, and strengthen business relationships with existing clients while attracting new ones,” explains Marc Blaison, President of Cosmo International Fragrances.

This year, the company chose to dedicate its booth to these fascinating Celestial bodies. Alexandrine Demachy, General Manager for Fine Fragrances Paris, explains: “There were times when many of the desert trade routes were traveled only by night under the glowing moon and stars, and the caravan leaders relied on them to help illuminate their way. They also studied them to predict events on Earth and explored how they influenced the changing seasons. In today’s nonstop, ever-busy world, taking the time to pause, take a deep breath, and reflect on a starry night sky is a true luxury.”

To bring back the magic of travel under a limitless night sky, the company presents two exclusive collections: Al Qamar Anthology ‘The Moon’ and Nujum Al-Lail Anthology ‘Stars in the Night’.

Nujum Al-Lail Anthology, and its constellation of twelve fragrances, plunge us through history, right back to the Golden Age, into the stunning Arabic names and stories that have been told across the ages. Known for their exceptional luminosity, The Rank of Pearls, ‘An-Nidham’ in Arabic, evokes the Orion’s Belt stars with a fragrance that embodies comfortable white musks and powdery notes, whereas the Scorpion ‘Al-’Aqrab’, recalls the famous constellation with its symbolic “arched J” shape representing the Scorpion’s curved tail and fragrance that illustrates the intoxicating notes inspired by the venomous sting of the animal.

Al Qamar Anthology delves into the stories of the twelve Full Moons told by our ancestors to feel each season’s atmosphere: January’s full Moon, known as the Wolf Moon, is interpreted through a noble Oud howling its animalic and leathery facets. In May, the Flower Moon took its name from the rebirth of Nature, and this fragrance is illuminated by a grandiose bloom of Tuberose, whereas Harvest Moon in the fall incorporates cereals notes with an addictive signature, evoking the farmers’ crops during the autumnal season.

Both collections have unique signatures with impactful, long-lasting fragrances and were developed with exclusive and exceptional Natural ingredients produced by Cosmo International Fragrances.

With more than 30 years of commitment to preserving Nature through their sustainable responsibility, one of their purposes is for the company to capture the essence of the most beautiful natural ingredients at the cutting edge of innovation. At the new trade show edition, they showcase five ingredients selected from their extensive and exclusive raw materials portfolio:

• Myrtle Inca from Peru, an ethically sourced ingredient, delivers apricot, aromatic, woody, resinous, and leathery multifaceted notes,

• Golden Berry from Colombia, offered for the first time in Perfumery, is an upcycled ingredient using CO2, a green and clean extraction process,

• Pimento from Jamaica uses the same environmentally friendly process to extract the ingredient, and develops spicy, woody, warm notes with bitter cocoa and laurel leaf accents,

• Rose Craftivity® is close to a freshly cut rose rich in bright top notes and is processed from a tailor-made and exclusive “Craftivity®” extraction method with a sustainable approach replacing the traditional absolute process,

• Cacao Blanc Craftivity® re-explores balsamic notes offering a rich yet gourmand scent.

Finally, Cosmo International Fragrances merges the fragrant encounter between the Earth and the Sky through their unique natural ingredients and imaginative celestial stories. A genuine artistry of PARFUM.